lovedance revealed

In case the name Lovedance, means little or sounds 'very nice'...here is some un-packing. It was originally the title of a film my partner and i made in 2000, based on the true stories of 4 people living with HIV, how their lives criss cross.

One of the stories is about this guy i met in bombay during the research of this film. I met him thru my NGO freinds. Completely superb guy, looked like a greek god, with a sense of humour to die for, total charmer, superb chef in a hotel. He discovered he was HIV positive when a marine liner tested him without consent (to work as a chef on the ship) and did not employ him after he tested positive. There after, this guy rose to the call of the epidemic and started contributing -raising awareness any way he could.

He told me his story, took me out dining to some of his fav places, and by the end of it, agreed to 'come out' in the film and talk 'live'. I was thrilled because most positive people would not want to do that, not 6 years back, at least.

I came back to delhi, developed the script weaving him into the stories of the other characters. I sent it to him for his approval, checking for facts etc. There was no response. I waited. About 15 days later, when i called, his dad told me that he had passed over just a few days back - a case of hospital negligence thrown into a desparate case of pnuemonia.

Anyway, this guy (can't use his real name), introduced me to the concept of 'lovedance' - a term he coined for the process of using the condom as an erotic device during love making - he did not want to infect his partner who was hiv negative. So wearing the condom was 'lovedance'. We decided that his story deserves to be told - so the film has him being 'resurrected' , speaking to camera, back from the dead! So there....i really liked the film, unlike a lot of films i have made...special.

Will post stills from the film once i have cracked how to.


House Hunting

My dad and mum live 2 train days away from us, me and my sis, who are in delhi. They are growing old, so i;m trying to persuade them to buy a house and come live here. The prospect is mortifying for them, they almost hate delhi sans us - but they are trying to cope with my lurid suggestion. So i went house hunting today! Ha!

The prices got me suicidal! The recurring question in my puny brain was - why? Exorbitant is a misnomer - its exploitative for most people i know - who pay their taxes (oh, the budget announcements are due!) and don't (yet) indulge in malpractice.

On my way home, in my tin-box car - i took a closer look at the pavement dwellers along the street. Is that how much one REALLY needs to survive? A blue plastic sheet, a few sturdy sticks from trees, rope, and a few utensils....but then 'survive' is the operational word. At this point i switched on my car radio, listened to the romance of old hindi songs...and almost smiled. That's why hindi films are what they are - so you can induce amnesia - so people can live despite life, i guess.


This afternoon inspired a conversation, so here i am...

Hey there, Just trying it out. Very tech unsavvy, so any ideas on how i can do what i am doing any better - are absolutely welcome. Hope to see you soon. Hope to be able to come and 'blog' regularly...till then....