House Hunting

My dad and mum live 2 train days away from us, me and my sis, who are in delhi. They are growing old, so i;m trying to persuade them to buy a house and come live here. The prospect is mortifying for them, they almost hate delhi sans us - but they are trying to cope with my lurid suggestion. So i went house hunting today! Ha!

The prices got me suicidal! The recurring question in my puny brain was - why? Exorbitant is a misnomer - its exploitative for most people i know - who pay their taxes (oh, the budget announcements are due!) and don't (yet) indulge in malpractice.

On my way home, in my tin-box car - i took a closer look at the pavement dwellers along the street. Is that how much one REALLY needs to survive? A blue plastic sheet, a few sturdy sticks from trees, rope, and a few utensils....but then 'survive' is the operational word. At this point i switched on my car radio, listened to the romance of old hindi songs...and almost smiled. That's why hindi films are what they are - so you can induce amnesia - so people can live despite life, i guess.


Blogger ajay noronha said...

cheers!...welcome aboard!...and to the harsh realities of house hunting...if you thought getting married was bad...this is infinitely worse...enjoy the hindi film songs meanwhile ;)

11:03 PM  
Blogger anjali* said...

Hallo! Hallo!
Loved the blog title - LoveDance! Very very nice. You write very well, Mona. Do keep it up.

As for the layout, simplicity is best. Especially when one writes as well as you.

Happy Househunting!

Maybe I can have free accommodation when I come to Delhi next, eh? *hint*


2:25 AM  
Blogger Mona Mishra said...

Anjali,Ajay thanks for the encouragement! And yes, my guest room is going to be super cool...completely welcome! love, m

4:44 AM  
Blogger Dan Husain said...

I hope you find the house soon. A good one, to your taste and cheap. Is it asking for too much? :-))

12:15 PM  

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