trafficking and HIV -- India

That's what my new assignment is all about. With UNDP. Some 11 States across India are involved in the project, 5 districts, roughly, in each State. Huge project, trying to make a real difference on the ground. I have a small team of 5 people here in delhi, and some 7 people across the states, to manage. A small, cozy and chirpy office.

The task is really to get a synergy between law enforcing agencies, HIV NGOs and women's organisations to work together at the village level - creating sufficient local capacity and will to prevent trafficking. And where needed, these vilages will also develop the capacity to help mitigate the impact of trafficking, reducing the stigma of being trafficked, and sometimes having the double stigma of being trafficked as well as testing HIV positive.

Will keep you posted on more stuff, have to run....


Blogger anjali* said...

sounds like an uphill task. good luck!

1:54 AM  
Blogger The Soul Doctor said...

Hi Mona

Welcome to the Bloggers world. Its nice to have to you here.

I am very pleased to know about your service for HIV prevention. And people like you at the ground level are the ones who actually make a difference.

I wish you all the best.


10:34 AM  
Blogger A fool on the hill said...

Wishing u all the best. And looking forward to the field notes...

1:52 AM  
Blogger Sunil Deepak said...

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